A Kitten Tale

The beginning of Tessa’s story is unknown, much like many of the pets who come to PAWS through our KitsapLostPets.org program. Tessa’s happy ending began when she was found by a good Samaritan on the side of the road. She was brought to one of our partner community vets with injuries, most likely from being tossed from a moving car. Lucky for Tessa, PAWS was contacted and we could help save her life. The wonderful vets stitched her up, Tessa went to recover in one of our many loving foster homes, where she became socialized and learned to trust humans again.

The happy ending of Tessa’s story is now complete. She is in her new forever home and has two best friends to play with. But there are many other animals, cold, alone, and possibly injured who don’t have happy endings yet. Help write more happy endings like Tessa’s.