Life Changed In An Instant…

In July Zeus’s life became a horror story. While playing outside, this family’s beloved pet, one-year old Zeus, was shot with 98+ bird shot pellets from a 12 gauge shotgun by the family’s neighbor. The family rushed him to Animal Emergency and Trauma Center where they learned he would not survive surgery to have the pellets removed from his chest cavity. He was seen a few days later by Poulsbo Marina Veterinary Clinic and is now categorized as “critical but stable” as he will be until the day he dies.

The situation has been quite expensive for this family of seven on one income. The family was connected with PAWS and we stepped in with help through our Veterinary Assistance for Owned Animals program to help save Zeus’s life.

Sadly this family lives day by day hoping for a happy story for Zeus.

Your generous support is so important in helping families like Zeus’s keep hope alive during trying times.