Low Income Spay/Neuter and Vaccine Assistance

Each year millions of healthy, loving and lovable animals are euthanized just because there aren’t enough caring homes. And yet, there’s such a simple way to keep this from happening: prevent pet overbreeding.

Spaying or neutering your cat or dog is the first step towards stopping the suffering caused by pet overpopulation. It’s a simple thing, and PAWS is here to make it even easier. Our volunteers are on the job, educating the public about the importance of spay/neutering and helping pet owners step-by-step through our financial assistance process.

If you’d like to spay/neuter your pet but aren’t sure where to start, call us. We’ll get you pointed in the right direction and offer assistance if your finances are tight. The only thing we have to lose is a few million homeless pets. Let’s get started!

Can’t afford to spay or neuter your pet? PAWS can help!

To apply for financial assistance, pick up an application at: