Going The Extra Mile – Lady Gray

A poor little kitten stuck in a urine drenched box is how Lady Gray arrived at North Beach PAWS. She came to us through our transport program. When other rescues around Western Washington have overpopulation issues, we will help by transferring them into our adoption program as space is available. Lady Gray had several
challenges in her life. Her mother had been exposed to panleukopenia when she was pregnant, so Lady Gray has cerebellar hypoplasia-a brain stem birth defect that causes a wobbly gait. She also had feline herpes which is not contagious to humans but easily passes to other cats.
Lady Gray had a unique personality – she doesn’t like other cats and just barely tolerates people. She needed a best friend who didn’t expect an affectionate lap cat. However, she LOVED dogs. So much so that one wonders if perhaps she thinks she is a dog in a cat suit! She would need a very special person in her life.
She was adopted once but her new person was worried about the feline herpes being so contagious. Lady Gray came back to PAWS to await that perfect fit. One appeared as a new Adoption Counselor with PAWS. They met in the Kingston facility. Angela could offer the perfect home for Lady Gray – one with four dogs and no other cats. Lady Gray now has four new best friends. She wears a harness like her buddies, goes for walks and wrestles with the dogs. She even likes pats, sits in laps, plays games like hide and pounce and jumps into Angela’s bed at night, ready to cuddle. It took a while, but life is now perfect for Lady Gray and her new family.