Going The Extra Mile – Noelle

Cold and alone late one winter night, a good Samaritan found an elderly Siamese cat while walking in a park.

She was so emaciated she was unable to walk. They transported her to Animal Emergency and Trauma Center in Poulsbo where she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, kidney issues and had an open sore on her neck. The vet contacted PAWS staff and asked if we would fund her treatment during her stay with them.

Finding just the right medications proved difficult for her thyroid condition and she needed a special kidney diet to help her gain weight and strength, and Noelle spent the holidays in a dedicated PAWS volunteer foster home. After several months of rehabilitation, she was ready to find her forever home.

Noelle is now placed as a PALS cat. Her best friend came into the adoption center looking for a senior cat and asked if we had a Siamese – she loves the breed because they are so talkative. We knew the perfect girl for her. Noelle now has her forever home and follows her best friend around the house chatting away and both are happy as can be.