Kids Corner

You can have fun and make a difference. We would love to have you become part of the community that helps make PAWS of Bainbridge Island & North Kitsap an huge part of pet families in North Kitsap.

Directions for projects to make for your own pets and the animals at PAWS:

Happy Socks

Happy Socks Project

Baby Sock Cat Toys Assembly Instructions

Materials (per toy):

  • 1 baby or toddler sized sock
  • 1/2 tsp. catnip
  • cotton batting
  • yarn or ribbon

Fill the sock, alternating batting and catnip up to the heel. Tightly tie off the sock with yarn or ribbon in a knot.

Hunting Bugs

Hunting Bugs Spider Toy

Pipe Cleaner Spiders Assembly Instructions

Materials (per toy):

  • 3 pipe cleaners

Cut 2 pipe cleaners in half, twist the four pieces together in the middle. Use the third pipe cleaner to wrap the twisted section to make a “body” for the spider. Bend each of the legs at an angle so the spider will stand on its own.

Kittens need toys to play and develop normally. They mimic hunting skills that they would have developed if they were still wild like their ancestors. Unfortunately, when kittens claw and chew their toys, they cannot be used for multiple litters of kittens, because this could spread germs and disease. Many kitten toys are needed for foster homes to use throughout kitten season.

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Cook up some tasty treats:

Dog Treat Recipes

Cat Treat Recipes

Books About Dogs and Cats That Share Our Lives

Educators: you can download full page flyers of all of our book reviews (PDF) to display in your library or classroom.

Fred Stays With Me!

Orca, Therapy Dog

Sometimes moms and dads don’t live together, and that means kids have to have two of lots of things – two bedrooms, two kitchen tables, and two toothbrushes. But there is only one Fred. Fred is a dog, and he goes with his girl whereever she is, even if that sometimes causes trouble. I like reading about Fred because my people are divorced too, and I could really understand the troubles that Fred and his girl are having. My person takes me everywhere that she goes too, even though sometimes I cause trouble, but my favorite place to go is with the PAWS Buddy Brigade when we visit people and make new friends.

by Orca, Therapy Dog
Fred Stays With Me! [Paperback]
Nancy Coffelt (Author), Tricia Tusa (Illustrator)
ISBN-10: 0316077917

Hero Cat

Rumford, PAWS kitten

This is a very exciting story that lots of my friends really like. This is a story that has danger and adventure and daring rescues so if you like those kind of things, this book is for you. This is the true story of a mommy cat named Scarlett and how brave she is when she needs to save her baby kittens. I really like this book because I am daring and brave too, and my mom was a stray cat until she was saved by PAWS and now I have a great home and a family too.

by Rumford, PAWS kitten
Hero Cat [Hardcover]
Eileen Spinelli (Author), Jo Ellen McAllister Stammen (Illustrator)
ISBN-10: 0761452230

Two Bobbies: A True Story of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship, and Survival

Beaumont, Therapy Dog

Did you know that dogs and cats can be friends? This is the true story of two friends who lived where there was a really big storm and they lost their house and their family, but they did not lose each other.

I have a really good cat friend too and that’s why I liked this story a lot. Even though some parts are kind of sad, the two Bobbies are best friends always. I have lots of friends that I meet as a therapy dog.

by Beaumont, Therapy Dog
Two Bobbies: A True Story of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship, and Survival [Hardcover]
Kirby Larson (Author), Mary Nethery (Author), Jean Cassels (Illustrator)
ISBN-10: 0802797547

Where Is That Cat?

This book is about a stray cat. I used to be a stray cat too, but I found a home with PAWS. Fitz is the cat in this book and he finds a home too, but not the one that you might expect. The best part of this book for me is looking at the really cool pictures and finding out where the cat is hiding in them – he is very tricky. Can you find Fitz in all the pictures?

by Periwinkle, PAWS Cat
Where Is That Cat? [Hardcover]
Carol Greene (Author), Loretta Krupinski (Illustrator)
ISBN-10: 0786804572

The Dog Who Belonged to No One

Sometimes dogs are lonely. Sometimes people are lonely too. This is a story about a girl and a dog who found that the best way to not be lonely was to make a new friend. I used to be lonely too, and then my new family adopted me from the shelter to be their dog and I am not lonely anymore, and I get to make lots of new friends all the time because I am a therapy dog.

by Annie, Therapy Dog
The Dog Who Belonged to No One
Amy Hest (Author), Amy Bates (Illustrator)
ISBN-10: 9780810994836

Six-Dinner Sid

Toby, PAWS cat

I really like Sid – he is a cat after my own heart. Who wouldn’t want six yummy delicious dinners every night? But Sid finds out, sometimes having six families can be trouble.

Can you count up to six? If you can then this book is for you, because there is lots of counting to six inside. You’ll meet Sid and all of his friends on Aristotle Street and have a very fun time. PAWS helps lots of cats like Sid and me find their forever homes on streets just like Pythagorus Place.

by Toby, PAWS Cat
Six-Dinner Sid [Paperback]
Inga Moore (Author, Illustrator)
ISBN-10: 0671796135