Community Education

PAWS is dedicated to encouraging a safe, healthy, vibrant community for people and their pets. Our forward-thinking public education programs equip existing pet owners and potential pet owners with the necessary information on caring for a pet. We believe public education is the long term solution to problems such as pet abandonment and irresponsible behavior of pet owners.

PAWS published a Pet Resource Guide, distributing over 30,000 free copies of this 48-page educational guide to everything from pet first aid to listings of pet sitters.

Our online Pet Care Library provides advice and information on a wealth of issues for dogs and cats.

WagFest, a long running “A Celebration of All Things Canine” on Bainbridge Island expanded to Kingston this year. The event draws hundreds of animal lovers, and includes not just a group walk with dogs, but demonstrations, contests, a low-cost microchip clinic, and hands-on opportunities for dog lovers to learn about training techniques, dog sports, grooming, etc. Every year many vendor booths including the local business community, area veterinary clinics, as well as other animal welfare groups share advice, information and education in our community. If you or your business would like to take part in Wagfest on Bainbridge Island or in Kingston please contact us.

PAWS staff are available to community groups, clubs and organizations to provide presentations, booths and/or materials on Emergency Preparedness for pet families and Dog Safety Information. If your group would like to schedule a presentation, please contact Diana.